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Spike Trade creditors form a committee

The Spike Trade creditors group is forming a committee to collect debts from the company and third parties. This is confirmed in the group's statement which has access to.

The statement reads that the total number of creditors exceeds 30 companies: Ukrainian and international commodity producers and trading companies.

“The committee has done some analytical work and is convinced that this bankruptcy is not a classic story of good guys stepping wrong. We have reason to believe that there was a conspiracy with third parties. It’s up to the law enforcement authorities to prove it, but the information available confirms it,” says Sergei Orlovsky, a representative of a group of creditors and founder of Agrooiltrade.

According to him, the creditors see indications of fictitious withdrawal of Vladimir Korchun from the shareholders of Spike Trade, who later formed Barva Invest company based on Spike Invest Solutions.

Moreover, the committee is confident that this is far from the only argument demonstrating that third parties are involved in the company bankruptcy.

“By some confusion, there was no prior mention of Roman Tereshchenko, the beneficiary of Trans Trade Holding and the owner of Transservice 2008 terminal, in the bankruptcy history. We will correct this mistake, as previous economic relations between the bankrupt and his companies raise suspicions,” said Sergei Orlovsky.

He added that the committee would seek recovery of debts by all legal means, in all jurisdictions and from all parties involved in bankruptcy.

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